North America by Rail

Marvel at the Canadian mountains or hop the big cities of America

Rail played a huge part in shaping America with a transcontinental railroad linking coast to coast and opening the west to new settlers. USA train travel was a booming industry which saw towns pop up along the line as the country grew at an astonishing rate. Today, there is still a place for the classic charm of the rail, taking passengers across North America from the buzz of capital cities to the alpine ambience of the Canadian Rockies. See the United States from a different point of view with an Amtrak USA Rail Pass where you can choose 15 days, 30 days or 45 days of travel. Over 500 destinations along the Amtrak route spanning 46 countries makes rail arguably the easiest way to see America at your leisure.

Make your way from New York to Boston in first-class comfort with an Acela Express ticket. Stopping in Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, the Acela Express service is designed for the traveller on the go with conference tables, a cafe and lounge area on board. Heading further north, discover the picturesque landscapes of Canada with VIA Rail, servicing Toronto, Ottowa, Montreal and Quebec as well as smaller urban centres along the way. Purchase a CanRail Pass to explore Canada at your own pace by over 21 days using the VIA Rail network.

Discover the grand Canadian Rockies on board the Rocky Mountaineer, touted as one of the best rail journeys in the world. See why the glacier-fed lakes and snow-capped peaks of Alberta and British Columbia have earned World Heritage status with a rail journey to charming towns like Banff and Jasper. Rocky Mountaineer's class options include Red Leaf Service, with large windows to take in the sweeping vistas outside, the glass-domed coaches of Silver Leaf Service and Gold Leaf Service's exclusive gourmet dining options.

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