Europe by Rail

Travel high speed through the English Channel or wind slowly through the alps

Europe is a vast continent, blessed with picturesque landscapes that have to be seen to be fully appreciated. Train travel is an ideal way to experience the bountiful beauty of European countries as you make your way to vibrant global cities and charming regional towns. Train travel in Europe is also an efficient and cost-effective way to get to where to need to be, maintaining strict timetables with the added bonus of no lengthy check-in or baggage drop queues. From budget-conscious travellers to those seeking a deluxe experience, there are many choices for sleeping and dining on board Europe's train services.

Purchase a Eurail Global Pass and you will have 23 countries at your fingertips. Available from 15 days to three months, a Eurail Global Pass gives you access to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland so you can make the most of your European adventure. If your itinerary doesn't permit such lengthy exploration, opt for a regional Europe rail pass like France to Italy, which allows you to move seamlessly from Parisian sidewalks to Venetian waterways. Wake up in a different country every morning with a Eurail Flexi Pass where countries like Austria, Denmark, Greece and Turkey boast unforgettable experiences.

Alternatively, you can still buy traditional paper tickets or e-tickets on the Eurostar and make your way from London to Brussels in less than two hours. Hit the slopes in Switzerland with a Swiss Pass which can take you from the majestic Alps to the classically beautiful Lucerne. Save your money for sight-seeing and savouring local flavours with pre-booked, flexible Europe train travel, whether you want to travel exclusively by rail or are looking for day-trips between cities. Chat to a Flight Centre consultant about your options for rail journeys in Europe and enjoy the freedom of hop-on hop-off travel.

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