Britain unlocked

Britain is one of the world's most beloved travel destinations and with a BritRail pass it's also one of the easiest to explore. Offering travel throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, BritRail passes come in 6 versatile forms and are available to all non-UK residents, allowing you to design the rail itinerary which best suits your needs.

BritRail passes range from the popular BritRail London Plus Pass, which allows passengers to explore in and around the English capital, all the way to the equally popular BritRail Pass + Ireland, which provides rail access to all of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. Passengers are free to travel on any of Britain's extensive number of rail lines and certain bus routes and ferry services are included in the cost of the Pass. Off-peak, Youth, Family and Senior discounts are available and BritRail Pass holders can pre-book train seats up to 6 months in advance of departure.

Flexible vs Continuous

There are 2 types of BritRail pass available, – Flexible and Continuous. Flexible passes offer travel on a specific number of days within a time-limited period of travel, ranging from 2 days of travel within an 8-day period to 15 days within a 3-month period. Continuous passes range from those valid for 3 days to those valid for 22 days.

BritRail London Plus Pass

Though it's centred on bustling London and its myriad tourist sites, the BritRail London Pass lets you visit numerous other towns and cities in and around England's sprawling southeast. Explore the capital before climbing aboard for high-speed trips to Bath, Oxford or Canterbury using what is one of BritRail's most popular rail passes. The BritRail London Pass is available only as a Flexible pass.

BritRail Pass

A popular option with travellers of all ages, the BritRail Pass can be used to travel throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Head north from London to the Scottish capital Edinburgh before doubling back to journey through Wales and exploring the sights of an ancient Celtic land. Available as both a Flexible and Continuous pass, the BritRail Pass is a cheap and convenient way to explore the British countryside.

BritRail England Pass

If England is your destination of choice then the BritRail England Pass is tailor-made for you. Offering travel the length and breadth of one of Europe's most visited countries, the BritRail England Pass is available as a Flexible and Consecutive Pass and includes travel on London's Airport Express routes.

BritRail Pass + Ireland

Similar to its BritRail Pass counterpart, the BritRail Pass + Ireland affords the most network coverage of any BritRail pass and lets you travel in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Available only as a Flexible Pass, the BritRail Pass + Ireland the only BritRail Pass to offer travel in 5 different countries.

BritRail Freedom of Scotland

As its name suggests, the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass offers travellers the chance to explore Scotland in its entirety. From resurgent Glasgow to the period splendour of Edinburgh and the melancholy solitude of the Highlands, the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass is available as a Flexible pass and allows you travel all the way from Dumfries in the south all the way to Thurso in the far north.

BritRail Central Scotland Pass

Focusing exclusively on central Scotland, the BritRail Central Scotland Pass is ideal for exploring Scotland's two main cities Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as the major settlement of Stirling. The BritRail Central Scotland Pass is available as a Flexible Pass and is an ideal way to discover one of Britain's most vibrant regions.

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