THAI Airways offers a highly competitive international economy cabin with an emphasis on greater comfort and higher levels of service.  New slim line seats offer increased leg room while the seat width on THAI’s Boeing Triple 7 fleet is up to an inch greater than the industry average. As an added touch, THAI makes available eye shades and ear plugs upon request.

In-flight entertainment

Entertainment: In flight, THAI Airways passengers are treated to the latest on-demand video entertainment system with touch screen technology. Personal screens at each seat include a wide variety of entertainment options such as movies and television shows, games, kid’s entertainment and music.

Food and Beverage: A complimentary meal and beverage service is also offered in economy and includes a choice of Asian or western dishes as well as a full bar service that includes wines, beers and spirits.

Royal Silk Business Class

With its own dedicated cabin, THAI’s Royal Silk service offers comfortable seating with business class amenities. No need to worry about a middle seat in Royal Silk because there is two abreast seating, giving every passenger window or aisle access. Seats recline a full 170 degrees for maximum comfort and are ideal for sleeping.

Arrive well-rested

Entertainment: Royal Silk also features personal video screens at each seat. Screens are touch activated and controlled and offer hundreds of programming and personal entertainment options. Seats also feature power outlets and USB ports for laptops and smart phone or tablet use.

Food and beverage: An extensive menu is offered in Royal Silk and meals are served in individual courses. Presentation standards include porcelain dishes, table linens and glasses. The freshest ingredients are used and menu options are changed regularly. Premium brand spirits and liqueurs, fine wines and beers along with soft drinks and juices are always complimentary. Additional Royal Silk amenities include pillows and blankets as well as an amenity kit containing toiletries, eye shades and socks.

Royal First Class

Royal First Class is the ultimate in in-flight luxury. Enjoy personalised service from a dedicated cabin crew who cater to your every need.  Upon boarding each guest is welcomed with a complimentary glass of champagne, wine or liqueurs. First Class passengers are also presented with a travel kit containing toiletry items, a toothbrush, socks and eye shade and as an added touch first class lavatories offer linen towels plus men’s and women’s fragrances.  Wide, comfortable seats feature a full 180 degree recline turning your seat into a lie-flat bed. Fluffy pillows and blankets create a comfortable sleeping environment.

Royal First Class cabin

Entertainment: Royal First Class seats are also equipped with power outlets and USB ports as well as personal entertainment video screens. THAI’s in-flight entertainment system offers hundreds of movies, shows, games and music.

Food and beverage: In first class, meals are served at the passengers preferred time. The extensive menu offers the finest Asian and western dishes over several courses. Meals are presented on fine linens, with porcelain dishes and crystal glasses for a fine dining experience in the air.

Thai Airways Baggage Allowance


THAI Airways passengers are allowed one carry-on bag weighing no more than 7kg. Additional items such as a purse, laptop or camera bag, infant bag and a cane or crutches are also allowed free of charge.

All liquids taken on board must be in containers or packaging of 100ml or less.


Carry On Baggage


International Checked baggage is limited to a specific total weight amount depending on the class of service the passenger is flying and frequent flyer status level. Multiple bags are allowed but weight in excess of these amounts will incur excess baggage charges.

  • Royal First Class passengers - 40kg (88 pounds)
  • Royal Silk Class - 30kg (66 pound)
  • Economy Class - 20kg (44 pounds)

Baggage allowances may vary when connecting on to other airlines so be sure to check with the operating airline for each sector to avoid potentially costly excess baggage fees.


Bulky Items

Generally bulky items such as bikes, golf clubs and other sporting equipment can be included in the passenger’s standard checked baggage weight allowance. Excess baggage fees will apply when the total weight is greater than the allowance.  Items that may not be included in the standard baggage allowance are pet carriers and on flights to or from Australia, surfboards and windsurf equipment.  These bulky items will always incur a separate fee.

Always advise the airline at least 48 hours in advance of any bulky item being carried as details may be needed to be included in your booking prior to check-in. As bulky item charges may differ depending on your itinerary it’s always a good idea to double check with the airline before arriving at the airport.



Infant Baggage

An infant or diaper bag may be carried on board in addition to the one carry-on. Collapsible prams or strollers may also be checked in free of charge. If using a car seat on board, a reservation must be made in advance and a child fare will be charged. The car seat must be approved for use on an aircraft.   

Be sure to carry an extra supply of baby formula and diapers in your carry-on in case of delay. 


Dangerous Goods

Flammable gases, liquids and materials are never allowed in carry-on or checked baggage. This includes explosives and fireworks, petrol and petrol or gas equipment and motors, fertilizers and poisons as well as matches or other fire starters.

Some items such as wheelchair and power mobility batteries, a small amount of ammunition and medical oxygen containers may be taken on board if pre-approved by the airline. Items that do not require approval for carriage are alcoholic beverages, hairspray and personal toiletry items.

Always check with your airline in advance to determine if an item is allowed for carriage or not.

Check in early and save time

There are two ways to check in for your THAI Airways International flight when departing Australia or Auckland – online and at the airport counter.

Online: Online check-in is available from Australia and most THAI Airways destinations up to 24 hours before departure. Simply enter your six digit booking reference code on the THAI Airways website check-in page and follow the simple instructions. When done, print out your boarding pass and present it to the airport staff when dropping off your bag.

Counter: Counter check-in is available at the airport up to 3 hours before departure.  Check-in generally closes 45 minutes before departure. Those with special needs such as wheelchair assist or children travelling alone can only check in at the airport.

International Check-in Guide

at home
  • Know what time you need to leave the house to get to the airport
  • Pack your things, check out our baggage guide
  • Have your flight itinerary ready
  • Ensure you have your valid passport ready
Getting there
  • Be at the airport at least

    120 minutes

    prior to scheduled departure time

At the airport
  • Proceed to check-in counter with passport and itinerary ready
  • Go through security
  • Continue through customs
  • Check the gate number and flight status
  • Sit down and get comfy!

Plenty of ways to unwind in style

In addition to its flagship Bangkok lounge, THAI Airways features eight domestic airport lounges and another eight around the world. Global THAI lounges can be found in Dhaka, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Osaka, Singapore and Taipei.

As a member of Star Alliance, over 1,000 partner lounges are also available around the world for first and business class guests and for Gold Status frequent flyers with any Star Alliance member carrier.

Royal Orchid Plus Loyalty Program

THAI Airways frequent flyer program is called Royal Orchid Plus. Royal Orchid Plus members can earn and redeem points on THAI Airways services as well as on Star Alliance member carriers. Star Alliance carriers include United, Singapore, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Air New Zealand and many other international airlines.

Welcome aboard

Some booking class codes may not be available for frequent flyer redemption. The following are fare classes that are eligible for mileage accrual:

  • Domestic THAI flights - C / D / J / Y / B / M / Q / S / T / U / H / G / V / W
  • International THAI flights - A / F / P / C / D / J / U / Y / B / M / Q / S / T / H / K / Z
  • G Class - 50% of actual miles flown
  • V/ W Class - 25% of actual miles flown

Select code share flights are also eligible for mileage accrual provided they are booked via THAI Airways international (your travel consultant can arrange this). Royal Orchid Plus also partner with several car rental companies and hotel suppliers. Please check with your consultant at time of booking.