Delta Air Lines long haul economy offers an economical way to travel yet one that still features many of the perks associated with international flying. The cabin is decorated in soothing blue motifs and each seat comes equipped with a personal touch screen TV and four-way adjustable head rests. Many, but not all economy seats offer power ports for laptops and other devices. Other economy features include a complimentary meal and beverage service on flights of longer duration (including wine, beer and spirits) with various snacks served throughout the flight. While there is a charge for some alcoholic beverages in economy, all other services are complementary.

Economy cabin

Economy Comfort

Economy Comfort may feature a standard economy seat but there are some additional perks that travellers will find beneficial. In addition to priority boarding and complimentary beer, wine and spirits, Economy Comfort offers a generous four inches more added leg room, an amount that even the tallest passenger will find desirable. The Economy Comfort seat also has 50 percent more recline making it ideal for those long haul flights when you want to stretch out and relax. For those who value the added space, Economy Comfort is just the ticket. Economy Comfort is located in the front of the Economy section and is available for a varying fee depending on the routing.  

Entertainment: Delta offers personal seat back video screens on long-haul international flights for on-demand entertainment. Delta’s extensive in-flight entertainment collection offers hundreds of movies, TV shows, music collections and games. The touch screen technology makes for an easy and pleasurable user experience.

Food and Beverage:  The complimentary hot meal service on international flights includes a selection of popular menu choices which are tailored to each routing and destination. Beverage service is also complimentary with beer, wine and sprits available for a small charge. There is no charge for alcoholic beverages in Economy Comfort.  

Business Elite

Delta’s Boeing Triple 7 fleet features a luxurious business class cabin with lie flat beds, full size pillow and soft bedding for your total comfort. Each seat enjoys direct aisle access yet has an added level of privacy. There’s ample room to spread out and unique storage areas around the Business Elite seat bring an added level of convenience where your travel necessities are within easy reach. 

Delta Airlines flat beds

Entertainment: Each seat comes equipped with a large touch screen TV monitor where hundreds of movies and other programming selections can be viewed. There is also a long list of music and CD selections to choose from. To further enhance the viewing and listening pleasure, noise cancelling headsets are available at each seat.

Delta Air Lines Baggage Allowance


Delta allows one piece of hand luggage per person plus one personal item such as duty free, diaper bag or jacket.

Place commonly used items in a smaller bag under the seat in front of you for easy access throughout the flight.


Carry On Baggage


The checked baggage allowance may vary depending on your itinerary, class flown and frequent flyer status. The basic allowance between Sydney and Los Angeles in economy is 2 bags with a weight limit of 23kg each. Excess bag fees will apply for weight in excess of this amount. Business Elite guests are allowed 2 bags at 32kg each.

Baggage allowances are greater for elite frequent flyer members. Check with your Flight Centre Travel Expert for exact baggage specifications but generally elite status members are allowed one additional bag in the corresponding class flown. 


Checked Baggage

Bulky Items

Some bulky items such as golf clubs and other sporting equipment may be accepted as part of the free baggage allowance. There is an excess baggage fee for most other bulky items and your Flight Centre Travel Expert can help determine allowances and any possible baggage fees required.

Some bulky and fragile items such as musical instruments can fly in the cabin with the purchase of an additional seat.


Bulky Items


Infant Baggage

There is no additional bag allowance for infants. Additional bag fees may apply for items checked over the standard baggage allowance for paying passenger.

 Try to book your flights around your infant's normal sleep times for a smoother journey.


Restricted or Dangerous Goods

Dangerous and restricted items are never allowed to fly. Such items include flammable materials, liquids and gasses, explosives, fireworks, as well as gasoline powered devices which have previously been used.

Gasoline powered equipment that is new and still in packaging may be accepted for carriage – i.e. chainsaws and other lawn equipment.

Check-in, fly out

There are several different options available when checking in for your Delta flight:


Check in is fast and easy when done online. Enter your reservation number on the “Check In” page of the Delta website and you will be guided through the check in process. Simply print off your boarding pass at the end and you’re ready to go. Proceed to the bag drop off counter at the airport where your passport and travel documents will be checked. Online check in may not be available if an itinerary includes travel on a partner airline.

Airport Kiosk

While not available in Australia, Delta airport kiosks are quick and easy ways to check in for your flight at the airport without having to wait in long check in lines. Scan your itinerary or enter your reservation number, select the number of bags you’re checking and the kiosk will print your boarding pass. Proceed to the bag drop off counter where your passport and travel documents will be verified.


Check in counters for international flights departing from Sydney usually open about 4 hours before departure. Check in counters at major U.S. airports are open throughout the day. Have your passport and travel documents ready for inspection. There are designated lanes for those passengers travelling in business class and for Delta Skymiles and Skyteam elite members as well as Virgin Australia Velocity Gold and Platinum members. 

International Check-in Guide

at home
  • Know what time you need to leave the house to get to the airport
  • Pack your things, check out our baggage guide
  • Have your flight itinerary ready
  • Ensure you have your valid passport ready
Getting there
  • Be at the airport at least

    120 minutes

    prior to scheduled departure time

At the airport
  • Proceed to check-in counter with passport and itinerary ready
  • Go through security
  • Continue through customs
  • Check the gate number and flight status
  • Sit down and get comfy!


Unwind at Hundreds of Locations

Delta along with its Skyteam and other alliance member airlines offers over 200 lounge locations around the world including 9 in Australia. Delta alliance member Virgin Australia features lounges in most capital cities as well as in Cairns, Mackay and Gold Coast airports.

Delta lounge

Delta’s own Sky Club lounges can be found in Manila, Tokyo, Santiago, and close to 30 locations in the U.S. including Honolulu and Los Angeles.

Delta Skymiles Loyalty Program

Delta Skymiles is the frequent flyer program that lets passengers earn and redeem points for flights, hotel stays, car rentals and more. Flight miles are also earned on member Skyteam flights as well as other member airlines such as Virgin Australia. Delta Skymiles is the only frequent flyer program of any major U.S. airline where points do not expire.