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Featuring a fleet of SAAB 340 regional aircraft, Regional Express, or REX as its most widely known, provides extensive regional air services to cities across Australia. The only regions of Australia where REX does not have a presence is Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Its main goal is providing affordable air services to regional Australia.

REX’s SAAB 340s seat 34 passengers, with a crew of three – 2 pilots and 1 flight attendant. The turbo-prop aircraft also feature a lavatory and are fully pressurised. The aircraft also come equipped with inflight catering capabilities for a simple in-flight drinks service.

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers are allowed to take two small carry-on items into the cabin. Overhead space is very small and bag sizes are limited to the following measurements: depth 23cm x height 34cm x length 48cm.  The total combined weight of both bags must not exceed 7kg.

Passengers unsure of their bags weight or size are recommended to check with airport staff at time of check-in to make sure each bag fits within the required carry-on weights and measurements. If a bag is found to be too heavy or too large during the boarding process, the bag will be removed and may not able to be uplifted until the next available flight due to weight restrictions.  Wheelchairs, car seats and infant carry baskets are all stowed in the aircraft hold.

REX carry-on baggage

Checked Baggage

REX passengers are allowed up to 15kg of checked baggage. Bags must not exceed the linear dimensions of 140cm. Infants (under 2 years of age) who are not occupying a seat are given a baggage allowance of 10kg. This includes prams, car seat, carry basket and fold up cot. Wheelchairs and crutches are not included in the allowance.

REX allows passengers to carry “Safe Hand Baggage” all the way to the aircraft steps. These are bags which a guest may require up until the flight. This service is available for a fee and may be purchased at the check-in counter. Bags will be screened at security and must meet all carry-on restrictions. Upon boarding the bag will be placed in the aircraft cargo hold. When exiting the aircraft on arrival, the bag will be brought to the bottom of the aircraft stairs for immediate retrieval.

Passengers transferring from international connections are permitted 20kg of checked luggage. Items in excess of this weight will be charged a per kilo fee.

Sporting Equipment

Regional Express does accept some kinds of sporting equipment. Each type may have specific limitations for carriage according to the airline’s chart below. Sporting equipment may be included as part of the free baggage allowance as long as the items are within the checked baggage size and weight limitations.

REX sporting equipment chart

Musical Equipment

Regional Express does allow cellos and guitars to be taken in the cabin provided the instrument does not exceed 20 kilograms. Passengers must purchase a seat for the instrument and the booking must be made through the airline’s Customer Contact Centre at least 48 hours before departure.

All other instruments that do not fit within the normal carry-on size and weight limitations must be flown in the cargo hold as checked luggage. Excess fees will apply when the total weight exceeds the standard checked baggage allowance.

Restricted or Dangerous Goods

Firearms and all sharp and blunt objects capable of causing harm are not permitted in cabin luggage. REX has provided the following chart illustrating the types of items and materials which are never permitted in cabin or checked luggage. These items include flammable materials, toxins and explosives.

Dangerous goods and restricted items



Regional Express urges passengers to arrive at the airport for check-in at least 60 minutes before scheduled departure time when travelling with checked baggage. Those flying with carry-on baggage only should arrive at the airport at least 40 minutes prior. REX follows strict check-in cut-off times. The airline will not accept passengers for check-in less than 30 minutes before departure at Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide and 20 minutes before departure at regional airports.

REX check-in times

Web Check-in

Web check-in is available up to 48 hours before departure and closes 60 minutes prior. Passengers travelling on a booking with 2 or more people who use the check-in service must check-in all passengers at once as web check is unable to select individual passengers for check-in.

REX web check


REX operates its own lounges at Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Providing a comfortable space in which to work or relax, the lounges offer PC equipped work stations, Wi-Fi, phones for free local calls and a variety of complimentary snacks and drinks. Entertainment includes a variety of newspapers and magazines as well as programming on the lounge’s plasma TV.

Passengers may purchase an annual membership to gain access to the lounges. Casual access to the Sydney and Adelaide lounges is also available for a small fee but is subject to availability.

Passengers can apply for membership on the REX website. 


Regional Express operates a fleet of over fifty SAAB 340 aircraft. This popular regional aircraft is used throughout the world on regional services and has a flying range of over 1,500 kilometres.

REX fleet