Serving close to 40 destinations in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii and Bali, Jetstar is Australia’s largest low-fare airline. A subsidiary of Qantas, the low-cost airline enjoys marketing, scheduling and fleet management efficiencies with its larger owner. While Jetstar does not have a frequent flyer program, Qantas Frequent Flyer members can earn points on certain types of Jetstar fares. 


The Jetstar fleet is made up of some of the most modern, fuel efficient planes in the sky. The flagship of the fleet is the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The few remaining A330s are to be transferred back to Qantas with the delivery of additional Dreamliners. The airline’s domestic and short haul international routes are operated with Airbus A320s and stretched A321. 

In-Flight Service

Meals and beverages are available for purchase in Jetstar Economy. On long haul flights, only credit cards are accepted. Business Class passengers enjoy a full complimentary service with three course gourmet meals and snacks as well as beer, wine and other beverages. Business Class seating features extra wide leather arm chairs with generous leg room. 


The entertainment on board varies depending on the aircraft. On 787 Dreamliner routes, passengers in both classes will find personal seat back video screens for on-demand entertainment, however Economy Class guests must first purchase the content. For domestic and short-haul international flights operated with the A320 or A321, iPads with pre-loaded content are available for rent.

Cabin Overview 

Economy Class

  • Leg space may be restrictive with just 28-30 inch seat pitch
  • Narrow 17 inch seat width
  • Drinks, snacks and hot meals available for purchase
  • In-flight entertainment available for purchase
  • Duty Free service on international flights

Economy Plus bundle

  • Flexible fare conditions for flight changes
  • Choice of seats including extra leg room and front of cabin
  • Eligible for Qantas Frequent Flyer points
  • Food and beverages included on selected flights
  • In-flight entertainment available for purchase

Business Class

  • Free 30kg checked baggage allowance
  • Priority boarding
  • Generous 38 inch seat pitch for added leg space
  • Complimentary gourmet meals
  • Free in-flight video entertainment


Flexible fares

Jetstar offers flexible fares for those who may require time, date, name or route changes. Both Business Class and Economy Max Bundle fares provide for the ability to make changes to existing bookings.

Pre-pay baggage for the best rate

A baggage allowance must be purchased for Economy Starter and Economy Plus passengers. Adding baggage when making the booking is cheaper as airport fees will be higher. Starter Max passengers receive a free 20kg allowance while Business Class receives 30kg.

Getting there

Enjoy direct international routes from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.


Jetstar domestic is designed with the leisure traveller in mind and as such, most conveniences cost extra. Seat pitch, or the space between each row of seats is just 28 inches on A320 aircraft and just 29 inches on the airline’s A321s. This translates to tight spaces when it comes to leg room. For an additional fee however, passengers can purchase a seat with extra leg room if they desire.

Snacks and drinks are available for purchase on board Jetstar flights. Menu items include fresh sandwiches and wraps, a variety of hot meal choices, packaged snacks and beverages. Both cash and credit cards are accepted on Jetstar domestic flights.

For in-flight entertainment, there are a limited number of tablets available for rent. These portable tablets are pre-loaded with a wide selection of current and classic movies, TV shows, music and other programming. The fee for the tablet and headphone rentals is collected on board the aircraft.  

Jetstar economy class seats.

Business Class

Business Class is offered on a minimal number of domestic flights and are only available on widebody A330 and Boeing 787 aircraft. The Business Class section offers wide, comfortable arm chair style seats with generous leg room, foot rests and a power point for recharging of laptops. Snacks and beverages are complimentary as are portable tablets for in-flight entertainment. 

Jetstar business class seats.

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers on domestic Jetstar flights are permitted one carry-on item each, plus one small personal item such as a hand bag or laptop bag. The combined total weight of both bags is 7kg. The maximum size for carry-on bags is 56cm high x 36cm wide x 23cm deep. These weight and size limitations are strictly enforced and any item exceeding these specifications will be checked. Unless the passenger is traveling on a Starter Max fare, all checked items will incur a fee.

Jetstar carry-on baggage dimensions.

Checked Baggage

Checked baggage limitations and charges depend on the fare class of the passenger’s ticket. Economy Starter Fare and Plus Bundle fares must purchase a baggage allowance for checked bags. Passengers can choose to purchase 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg or 40kg. The higher the weight is, the higher the baggage fee is. The baggage allowance may be purchased in advance on the Jetstar website or, for a higher fee, at the airport ticket counter. Multiple bags may be checked-in however extra charges will apply if the total weight checked in goes above the amount purchased.

Anyone travelling on a Max Bundle fare is automatically given a 20kg checked baggage allowance. Additional may be purchased if required.

Multiple bags are permitted for check-in however no single bag may weigh in excess of 32kg.

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment may be included as part of the passenger’s checked baggage allowance. Any weight in excess of the purchased allowance amount will be charged extra at a per kilo rate. Jetstar accepts such items as bicycles, surfboards and snowboards, skis and golf clubs and more. Ask your Flight Centre consultant for packing instructions for specific sporting items as carriage will be denied if improperly packed.

To pack a bike in a bike box: turn the handlebars in and secure to the frame, remove pedals and front wheel if possible, lower or remove seat post and deflate tyres.


Bulky Items


Musical Equipment

Small instruments may be taken as carry-on baggage provided they meet the size and weight limitations for such baggage. The Jetstar chart below lays out the guidelines when transporting musical instruments.


Restricted or Dangerous Goods

Sharp items such as knives, scissors, open razors, box cutters and other potential weapons are not allowed in the cabin. Additionally, there are many dangerous goods such as flammable liquids and gasses, toxins, explosives, fireworks and lithium batteries that are never permitted in checked luggage. For a full list of dangerous goods items, check with your Flight Centre consultant.

Dangerous goods and restricted items


Check-in is available at the airport or in advance, on-line. Check-in times are strictly adhered to for on-time performance reasons, and any guest checking in after the check-in closing time will be denied boarding. If a guest fails to check-in during the open period, a new fare must be purchased.

Check-in times are shown in the Jetstar chart below.

Jetstar check-in times


There are a number of Qantas Club and partner lounges available for Jetstar passengers traveling on a Business Max fare. Lounges are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and Gold Coast. These airport retreats provide a relaxing respite away from the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal. Each location provides complimentary snacks and beverages, a bar and internet access. 

Qantas Frequent Flyer

While Jetstar does not maintain its own frequent flyer program, those passengers who have purchased a Plus or Max bundle on top of their Economy Starter fare and who are members of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program will accrue Qantas points and status credits. Business Class passengers will also receive Qantas points and status credits. 


The Jetstar Fleet

The domestic Jetstar fleet is made up of the Airbus A320 and A321. These aircraft are configured in an all economy seating arrangement.

On rare occasions, a widebody aircraft that is typically used for Jetstar international services may be used for domestic services. Jetstar’s widebody fleet includes the Airbus A330-200 and Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. 

Jetstar A330-200


Jetstar A320

Jetstar 787