Airnorth only operates one class of travel across all its aircraft. Economy seating arrangements vary depending which type of plane you’re flying on, the largest plane in the fleet, the E170, can carry up to 76 passengers in a two seat either side of the aisle arrangement. The airlines E120 aircraft carries around 30 passengers, and the Metro 23 can hold 19 travellers. Complimentary simple light snacks are served onboard the larger planes, with alcoholic beverages available to purchase on selected flights. There’s no screen entertainment onboard, although the inflight magazine ‘OUTthere’ will get you in the mood for your holiday, with plenty of information about cultural activities, experiences and places to see at many Airnorth destinations.

Carry on

Guests flying on Airnorth’s E170 Jet are able to bring a piece of carry-on luggage with a maximum weight of 9kg. The sum of the dimensions of the luggage must not exceed 115cm. If you’re travelling on the E120 Brasilia, the maximum hand luggage allowance drops to 4kg in weight and the sum of bag dimensions is to be no more than 103cm. As the smallest plane in the fleet, the Metroliner 23 is unable to accommodate hand luggage so guests are limited to a small, soft handbag or similar item and all other luggage must be checked in.


Travelling on the E1270 Jet, a checked baggage of allowance of up to 20kg is available. On the smaller E120 Brasilia and the Metroliner 23 planes, this allowance is reduced to 13kg of checked baggage.

Infant Baggage

Parents of infants travelling without their own seat are entitled to bring an extra 10kg maximum of checked luggage for the infant. Infant supplies for the journey (nappies, food etc) are counted as part of the adult’s carry-on luggage allowance. Parents may also bring a collapsible stroller or carry basket, which will be stowed in the aircraft hold during travel.

Restricted or Dangerous Goods

Restrictions apply to liquids including drinks, creams, sprays, gels and pastes taken onboard the plane as carry-on luggage. These items may only be taken in hand luggage if they are in containers of 100ml or less, carried in a 1 litre resealable transparent bag. A limit of one bag per passenger applies. Dangerous goods banned for transport on Airnorth flights include corrosives, compressed gases, poisonous and toxic substances, lithium batteries with power greater than 160EWh, explosives, disposable lighters and matches, infectious substances and radioactive material. Small firearms and dry ice are permitted to be checked-in luggage if prior approval is granted from Airnorth.


Web check-in

Conveniently, Airnorth now supports web check-in, allowing passengers to avoid queuing to check-in at the airport. Check-in can be completed from the comfort of your own home up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. Web check-in closes 45 minutes before international flight departures. Some passengers may not be eligible for web check-in, including unaccompanied minors, passengers with special needs, and those travelling on Qantas or other airline carrier documents.

Airport check-in

Check-in desks for international flights open 2 hours before departure, and close 45 minutes prior to plane leaving. Check-in will be available at bespoke Airnorth desks, or Qantas desks depending on the airport you’re flying from.