Why I love it...

I am a massive Lego geek so for me to be surrounded by all the latest Lego and see all of the Lego up close was really awesome.

Jagger, 12


Favourite Ride
The Dragon ride in Castle Hill - This is the best ride here and in the other two Legolands in Denmark and London too.

Scariest Ride
Lego Technic Coaster - Younger kids might find this one scary as you race a life-size vehicle, but nothing was too scary for bigger kids.

Best Souvenir
Lego - I had a huge shopping spree in the Lego shop and got all this cool Marvel stuff that I had never seen before. 

Top Tips
Take it all in - Definitely save up to spend in the Lego store – you’ll love it if you have a creative mind like me. And don’t race through Miniland USA, look at all the details of the replica famous buildings and the Star Wars creations carefully.