An island holiday with that special someone should be a memorable time of romantic dinners, intimate cruises and moments you’ll both treasure for years to come. From private islets to sunset cocktails on the beach, the Cook Islands has something for every couple. Make each second count with these top 10 activities for couples.

1. Private Lagoon Cruise

The Aitutaki Blue Lagoon is an incredible source of natural beauty that can’t help creating a romantic ambience. Private lagoon cruises let you and your partner discover the area by yourselves on the comfort of a luxurious boat. The cruises stop at the islets in Blue Lagoon, so you can go for a secluded swim.

2. Spa Treatment

The Cook Islands has numerous day spas happy to provide couple’s treatments. Using traditional methods, the workers at the spas perform miracles, removing all stress from your body and mind, leaving you utterly relaxed and pampered.

3. Romantic Picnic

The islets in Muri Lagoon are the perfect getaway for escaping the crowds on the rest of the Cook Islands. You can pack a picnic and paddle a kayak over to one of the islets for an intimate meal on the waterfront.

4. The Smaller Islands

The islands of Atiu, Mangaia and Mitiaro are quite small and don’t have as many inhabitants or visitors. You can find a lot of private caves to explore and swim in, which provide the necessary seclusion for an adventurous and romantic day out.

5. Zumba

With so many outdoor activities, the Cook Islands is a great place to stay active on your romantic holiday. There are also regular and very cheap zumba classes held on Rarotonga that cater to both men and women. Zumba is all about having fun while exercising and leaves you feeling euphoric afterwards.

6. Shopping

The local art and craft stores provide classic island gifts that are perfect for remembering your holiday. You can also find Cook Island black pearls for sale in various shops and at the Rarotonga Saturday markets by the seaside.

7. Lagoon Swimming

One of the Cook Islands’ best swimming spots, Muri Lagoon is a great place for a dip in picturesque blue water. Hold onto your loved one and float out away from the shore and away from everyone else, or laze around on the soft sand.

8. Scooter Riding

Enjoy the freedom that comes with having your own scooters to explore Rarotonga’s eclectic inland environments. Head along the back roads, which take you deep into the island’s mountainous hinterland, where you can discover pristine nature and wildlife.

9. Renew Your Vows

Sometimes the best way to show someone how much you love them is to relive that magical moment of your wedding day by renewing your vows. What better place to share your deepest romantic feelings than on an island paradise. Both Rarotonga and Aitutaki have resorts and hotels that facilitate vow renewal ceremonies.

10. Overwater Bungalow

It’s not every night you can sleep on the water in a traditional Polynesian bungalow. The Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa has overwater bungalows that place you metres above the surface of the Aitutaki Blue Lagoon.