The upcoming nuptials are a reason to celebrate, and what better place to do so than on the Cook Islands where the male bonding opportunities are endless. From lagoon cruises and paintball during the day, to bar crawls along the Cook’s best party destinations at night, there won’t be a minute left over. Make those final days before marriage memorable with these top 10 ideas for a Cook Islands bachelor party.

1. Quad Biking

Coconut Tours Jungle Quad Biking lets you and your mates race through Rarotonga’s jungles on the back of powerful quad bikes. See who’s the fastest or who can do the best fish tail as you motor across mud and dirt.

2. Bar Crawl

The best way to visit all of Rarotonga’s bars and clubs is by boarding a bar crawl bus and letting the local driver chauffeur you around. They’ll take you to all the liveliest places, where cheap drinks and friendly locals and tourists add to the party.

3. Adventure Cook Islands

One of the leading tour operators on the Cook Islands, Adventure Cook Islands has a range of activities including a chance for you and your mates to embrace the local culture by learning to dance and play the log drums. Professional musicians and dancers ensure you have a fun learning experience.

4. Avarua’s Party Bars

Get the party started and keep it going until the morning at Avarua’s main clubs, where you can enjoy regular happy hours and special events. Rehab and Whatever Bar are the two popular clubs and they always have a lively crowd to get everyone in the mood for a good time.  

5. Deep Sea Fishing

As the most established charter boat in Rarotonga, Seafari Game Fishing Charters is one of the best ways to get out on the water and reel in the big one. With all equipment and food provided, and specialty holiday packages available upon request, the lads will have a blast seeing who can catch the biggest fish out of the deep blue.

6. Paintball

It’s not all rest and relaxation on the Cook Islands. Adrenaline-pumping games of paintball can be played in Rarotonga’s hinterland. No doubt you love your mates, but can you say no to the chance to shoot them with paintballs?  

7. Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a great chance to take it a bit easier and share a few stories and laughs on the shores of Aitutaki Blue Lagoon. You can learn the technique of fly fishing from a seasoned pro, before challenging your friends to a fishing competition.  

8. Lagoon Cruise

The award-winning Captain Tamas Lagoon Cruizes takes you out onto the picture-perfect Muri Lagoon in a glass-bottom boat. You can spend the morning snorkelling around colourful fish and other marine creatures, before enjoying a fresh barbeque lunch.

9. Cave Exploration

Atiu is home to a burial cave called Rima Rau that’s lined with human skulls. You can explore the cave system and fulfil your boyhood dream of being Indiana Jones by taking a guided tour through the cave. Experienced guides show you the sights, teach you about the cave’s history and share why the human remains are there.

10. Traditional Outrigger Canoe

The Pacific Ocean is waiting for you to take it on in a traditional outrigger canoe. Sail out across the reef and cross over to the other side where mighty waves crash and the water swells around you.