Rail Holidays and Destinations

All aboard!

Travelling by train is an age-old custom that has made its mark on history and still finds a prominent place in modern society. The classic charm of rail journeys offers a pure travel experience as you make your way from Point A to Point B. Instead of being a humdrum time between destinations, rail journeys become a special part of your holiday. If slowing down, enjoying the ride and travelling in luxury sound good to you, Flight Centre's rail holidays might be just the getaway you've been searching for.

Australian Rail Travel

Australia has some of the most scenic panoramas to experience by rail. The historic Ghan is a terrific journey for history buffs, tracing the Afghan cameleers' Red Centre journey from Adelaide to Alice Springs and onto Darwin. Similarly spectacular is The Sunlander along the east coast of Queensland, which hugs the coastline from capital Brisbane all the way north to tropical Cairns, with passengers enjoying a sumptuous seafood banquet en route.

International Rail Travel

If you're riding the rails overseas grab yourself a Eurail flexi pass to travel Europe on your own schedule, trundling through French countryside to colossal cities of culture in Germany and colourful villages in Spain. In Asia, hop on Japan's high-speed Shinkansen as it hurtles between Tokyo and Osaka, or witness the contrasting landscapes of the iconic Trans-Mongolian railway. The United States is expanding its own high-speed rail network too, so there's a better chance than ever to see the sights on your global travels from the comfort of a train carriage.

Rail Companies

Some rail companies are synonymous with service and that is perhaps no more than case than in Japan, where the nation's extensive Japan Rail network covers the length and breadth of the country. Amtrak in the United State provides an ever-expanding service, while iconic Eurostar is responsible for connecting the United Kingdom and France through the equally famous Channel tunnel. The Rocky Mountaineer in Canada offers unforgettable travel experiences on its breathtaking routes through the towering Rocky Mountains, with many of their carriages custom-made.

Rail journeys are often the tracks less travelled but boast a number of attractive benefits. Beyond being a novelty for train enthusiasts, rail travel allows you to escape traffic jams, avoid dreaded jet-lag and pull in at stations usually right in the heart of town. Rail journeys are also great for families travelling with small children as there is space for them to play and plenty of privacy during long transits. Forget cramped legs and overcrowded compartments, stretch out in comfort and enjoy the ride! If you believe the journey is as important as the destination, contact one of Flight Centre's friendly consultants to organise a holiday by rail today.

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