Economy Class

Flying Economy class with Air Malta, perks include free snacks on all short haul flights over one hour, and a full meal service on longer flights. Non-alcoholic beverages are served throughout the flight, and alcohol is available for purchase.  In-flight entertainment includes pull-down cabin screens showing TV shows or movies, with volume accessed through seat headphones. Ten audio channels are also available, and the in-flight magazine Skylife is packed with information about things to do in Malta. Economy seats are reclinable, with a pitch of 32 inches.

Business: Club Malta Class

As a Business Class passenger with Air Malta you’ll be entitled to fast-track check-in, access to the Airport Lounge, as well as priority baggage handling. On-board, Air Malta Club Class passengers will enjoy additional perks including more legroom, with a seat pitch of 34 inches. Substantial snacks are available on short flights, with a full hot meal service available on longer flights. Club Class passengers are also served complimentary beverages including champagne and Maltese fine wines. In-flight entertainment takes the form of TV shows or movies on cabin screens accessed through seat volume control, with newspapers also provided.


Economy class passengers are allowed to carry one bag on-board the flight, with a maximum weight of 10kg. For Club Class passengers, this allowance extends to 2 bags with a maximum total weight of 15kg. The maximum dimensions of all hand luggage is capped at 20 x 40 x 55cm. In addition, certain items including small cameras, laptops and handbags may also be carried on the flight.

Checked Luggage

20kg is the check-in luggage allowance for Economy passengers, with Club Class passengers able to check-in up to 30kg of luggage. This weight allowance can be distributed between different pieces of luggage as long as the maximum weight allowance is not exceeded, or excess baggage fees will apply. If you’re travelling as part of a group, baggage allowance may be distributed between different parties, allowing a passenger to take more than their allowance if another in their group has that weight allowance to spare. The maximum weight limit for a single piece of luggage is 32kg.

Bulky Items

Passengers wishing to travel with sporting equipment are able to purchase a Sports Equipment check-in voucher from the airline for 30 Euros per piece per flight. Most sporting equipment is covered, including diving, archery, skiing and rock climbing equipment, as well as firearms and bicycles. Bookings can be made up to 4 hours prior to flight departure. The sports equipment allowance will be included in your regular baggage allowance if you have spare weight allowance to cover it.

Infant Baggage

If you’re travelling with a child under 2 years old, they’re entitled to up to 10kg of checked baggage, whichever class they’re travelling in. A collapsible stroller may also be used right up until boarding, where it will be taken by airline staff and stowed in the aircraft hold, until arrival at your destination.

Restricted or Dangerous Goods

For safety, Air Malta does not allow certain items to travel on their flights, either in checked or carry-on luggage. These include knives or blades of more than 6cm, disabling devices, explosives, workman’s tools, strike anywhere matches, flammable gas, liquids or solids, as well as oxidising and toxic materials. Dangerous goods that may travel after prior approval from Air Malta include firearms, camping stoves, gas cylinders for medical use, heat-producing items, powered wheelchairs and mobility items, and dry ice. Dangerous items that may travel without prior approval from the airline include non-flammable aerosols and toiletries, spare lithium batteries, alcohol, cigarette lighters and safety matches.


With online check-in available at most Air Malta locations, choose from the flexibility of checking in online on your computer or mobile device to save time at the airport, or visiting the airport’s check-in counter if you don’t have internet access.

Online check-in

You don’t have to be at the airport until 45 minutes before your flight is scheduled to leave. This convenient check-in option is available from 24 hours before departure, closing 2 hours before scheduled departure. Simply print your boarding pass and drop bags at the baggage counter when you arrive at the airport. If you’re travelling on an Economy Flexi ticket or Club Class, you’ll be entitled to free seat selection.

Mobile check-in

A convenient time saver, allowing you to check-in online and pick your seat if you’re entitled to, and you won’t even have to print a boarding pass, simply show your digital boarding pass at the gate. Currently available from Malta, London (Heathrow & Gatwick), Catanya, and Moscow Sheremetyevo, mobile check-in opens 23 hours prior to departure, closing 2 hours before flight is scheduled to leave.

Airport Check-in

Available from 2 hours prior to flight departure until 45 minutes before scheduled departure, with separate counters for Economy and Club Class passengers.


Put your feet up and enjoy some down time in your busy travel schedule at Malta International Airport’s La Valette Lounges, located in both the arrivals and departure terminals. Club Malta Class passengers and Flypass Diamond members are eligible for complimentary access to the exclusive lounges, which offer the perfect place to relax surrounded by style and comfort. To pass the time light snacks and beverages are available, plus WiFi facilities, TV, newspapers and magazines.  Economy class Air Malta passengers may also use the lounge for a fee, with the maximum stay for all guests limited to 3 hours.


Air Malta’s Frequent Flyer club Flypass is available to all Air Malta passengers, allowing members to accrue KMiles each time they fly with the airline. Points are earned dependant on flight length and route, and may be redeemed for free flights in the airlines scheduled route network. The Flypass loyalty program is free to join, with no obligation.

Status Levels:


Any traveller who joins the program will be granted Temporary Tier Level Membership. Benefits include earning KMiles every time you travel, and being able to redeem them for Travel Awards as soon as you have enough. You’ll also receive priority on waitlist for fully booked flights, and special offers on hotels and car rental are also available in the ‘Fly in Colours’ member newsletter.


Once you’ve earned 10,000 KMiles in a year with Air Malta, you’re eligible to upgrade to Permanent Tier Level status. Additional benefits include 5kg extra checked baggage allowance, and use of Business Class check-in counters at the airport.


Flypass members who earn 35,000 or more KMiles in a year are rewarded with Diamond Tier Level status. As well as all the perks available to Permanent members, Diamond members enjoy a 10kg extra checked luggage allowance, as well as use of the airport lounge for you and your spouse if travelling on the same flight. Diamond members are also entitled to 2 free Partner Business Upgrades each year.